We keep a section of wood products on hand to meet your demands from the professional builder to the D.I.Y handyman. If we don't have it we will get it in, supplying a range of H3 timber and dressed pine to the general public, the building industry from Northcliffe to Bridgetown helping you build it. 

Structural Pine     


H3 Treated Pine is treated to resist moderate decay, borers and termites. It is suitable for outside, above ground use. Typical products include fascia, bargeboards, exterior cladding and non-laminated verandah posts.



Plywood is manufactured from sheets of cross-laminated veneer and bonded under heat and pressure with durable, moisture-resistant adhesives. By alternating the grain direction of the veneers from layer to layer, or “cross-orienting”, panel strength and stiffness in both directions are maximized.

Decking, Dressed Pine 


We have what you are looking for, just come in to browze our Merbua or pine H3 decking are both elegant and hard wearing products. Dressed pine is has a polished finished or the Meranti is a very strong timber for that job you have in mind. 

Do It Yourself          D-I-Y

Doing it yourself remember even the professionals source information from YOUTUBE.