We are very excited introduce you Selley's newest adhesive, watch this video where a 7kg tile is placed on a wall without any bracing or fixing. Interior / Exterior we expect this to become

a common place constructive adhesive.


  • Instant Hold on any building material 5kg without bracing

  • Up to 400kgs M2

  • No need to clamp*

  • High Strength & flexibility

  • Indoor/Outdoor

  • Adheres to wet and damp surfaces and can be applied on wet surface^

  • Cure time of 48 hours

  • Paintable after 24 hours with water based paints. Solvent based paints may be used after first painting with a water based paint

  • Adjustable e.g. can be straightened for up to 15 minutes

  • Powered by Sil-X Advanced Polymer Technology

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