Need a Hot Water System, mixer or shower rose, just drop in and browse our range. Stuck on a job and need a part we will have what your looking for or we'll get it in, from copper fittings, 25mm Blue Line Poly, PVC pressure pipe and more. We keep a board basic range of plumbing fixtures for any situation.

Looking for a plumber just give us a call and we can help you out.[08] 977 11 999


We keep a basic range of showers, mixers, taps, toilets and plumbing fixtures. Anything not on the shelf we will get it in for you .


Cone tight fittings are always in stock, a tee or elbow, reducing bush we have what you need to get the job done. 

*Please note that for any jobs beyond simple things like replacing a shower arm and rose you must use a registered plumber by law.

With rising energy costs and government incentives still available it makes sense to upgrade 

to a energy efficient Solar Hot Water System. 

Heat pumps have no solar panels on the roof but rather are a self contained system ranging 

from 150 litres to 340 litres. 

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Fittings, Pipe, Showers & Toilets